Commercial and Residential Projects

Whether your project is large or small, commercial or residential, you can count on Greg Sheres’ creative, elegant furniture design to turn your vision into a reality. Greg Sheres Inc. has completed projects in Australia, Jordan, Dubai, Bahrain, USA, and Canada.

Classic and Signature furniture lines. Select from Greg’s full line of sophisticated, residential furniture on line. His sleek, modern designs transform ordinary spaces into exceptional ones.

Custom-designed furniture. Contact Greg to have him custom-design and manufacture everything you need to outfit your hotel lobby, public area, upscale store, restaurant/bar, villa, or private residence. Combine his striking furniture, custom millwork, and distinctive paneling for a look of stylish refinement.

Factory direct furniture. Because Greg Sheres Inc. owns its own factories and maintains the highest standards of quality, you are assured of superior materials and workmanship. In addition, you’ll enjoy highly competitive pricing by working directly with the designer/manufacturer and eliminating the middle man.

Working relationship. For larger or custom projects, you’ll enjoy working directly with Greg and his staff to achieve the precise results you desire. And for smaller ones, you’ll find them highly responsive to your online questions or concerns.