Falling in Furniture Love

Do you ever “fall in furniture love”?  That is a phrase that a friend of mine;  Jesper Knudsen, came up with a few years ago for an advertising champagne: “Fall in Furniture Love”.  We used  it on one of my bed designs that was especially pretty and sexy (photo attached).  The add was on billboards and in magazines.  It really stuck with me. 

Furniture design in America.

What happened to furniture in America? Lets fix it.

Finally the long awaited blog!

1) Why is furniture so unimportant?

Furniture is very strange in North America.   We see it as a useful thing firstly and as a beautiful thing lastly.  We don’t pay much attention to it, or update it.  What looked good in our parents house and grandparents house is good enough for us.  We don’t want to spend too much on it because we don’t really think of it as important in our lives.